We are an expanding, diverse, high-trust community of business creation professionals


We are an expanding, diverse,

high-trust community



creation professionals


We are a new breed complementary player with a mission to help build Hippos into Unicorns. We do this by enabling the key stakeholders to reach, trust, and support each other.

Combined, we are equipped with both the human/cultural and the market/business understanding required to identify Hippos and to help transform them into Unicorns.

We have compressed our lessons-learned, insights and competences into game-changing digital tools, thanks to which our combined wisdom is now available at scale, online.

Expanding Global Partnership

Global Enabler is owned by an expanding community of individual professionals, investors and enterprises. As a company, Global Enabler is a corporation (Oy) registered in Finland with a total of 51 shareholders.

Our Co-Founders are based in 30 city regions in 20 countries on 5 continents.

What does it mean to be a Co-Founder?

Co-Founders own equity in Global Enabler. Three Co-Founders serve the company as Executive Partners (voting partners), all others as Non-Executive Partners (non-voting partners). These are independent entrepreneurs, executives, consultants and academicians. They have a mandate to identify Hippos and invite new Fellows to join Global Enabler, but no formal managerial roles, rights or responsibilities in the company. All Co-Founders subscribe to a shared Code of Conduct with a passion to help Good People build Great Companies.

How to become a fellow Co-Owner of Global Enabler?

To join, you need to have one of us as Patron, sign our Code of Conduct and make an equity investment. As we are a high-trust community, a Patron’s responsibility and personal trust are key. In a digital on-boarding process, you get to identify your Patron, sign our Code of Conduct and make an equity investment at a fair valuation. 

Expanding Global Partnership

Global Enabler is owned by an expanding community of individual professionals, investors and enterprises. As a company, Global Enabler is a corporation (Oy) registered in Finland with a total of 51 shareholders.

Our Co-Founders are based in 30 city regions in 20 countries on 5 continents.

What does it mean to be a Co-Founder?

Co-Founders own equity in Global Enabler. Three Co-Founders serve the company as Executive Partners (voting partners), all others as Non-Executive Partners (non-voting partners). These are independent entrepreneurs, executives, consultants and academicians. They have a mandate to identify Hippos and invite new Fellows to join Global Enabler, but no formal managerial roles, rights or responsibilities in the company. All Co-Founders subscribe to a shared Code of Conduct with a passion to help Good People build Great Companies.

How to become a fellow Co-Owner of Global Enabler?

To join, you need to have one of us as Patron, sign our Code of Conduct and make an equity investment. As we are a high-trust community, a Patron’s responsibility and personal trust are key. In a digital on-boarding process, you get to identify your Patron, sign our Code of Conduct and make an equity investment at a fair valuation.

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Our Team

Three Co-Founders serve Global Enabler as Executive Partners (voting partners), one as a Non-Executive Member of the Board, and four as Non-Executive Advisors. 

Guus Keder, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman

Guus Keder has worked at the edge between technology and business all his life, starting in the medical devices industry. He was Partner in a London based venture capital firm where he was responsible for investments in ICT and the Internet. For the past fifteen years, he has focussed on bringing advanced energy and environmental technologies to the market, mainly through Indra Scientific, a technology development company based in Brussels, Belgium.

He has extensive experience in the management, governance and funding of SME’s. Guus Keder is a Board member of several companies and organisations, all related to the technology transition in the energy and environmental sectors. In the past 10 years, he has particularly focused on the Chinese market and business opportunities between Europe and China.

He was trained as an electrical engineer at Eindhoven Technical University in the Netherlands. Subsequently he obtained a Master’s Degree in business administration from Rotterdam School of Management, as well as a post-graduate MBA from INSEAD in France.

Christian Aspegren, Co-Founder, Executive Member of the Board

Christian Aspegren has always been involved with creation, design, development, implementation and research of disruptive innovations. 

Christian has many unique stories of how to take leadership and manage change with disruptive concepts. He has designed successful leadership concepts for many large organizations and for his own companies. He has made three exits as entrepreneur and co-entrepreneur. 

His most recent involvement is NAAVA where he has been Advisor to the Founders from inception to internationalization, COB and co-entrepreneur. 

Many Ge Partners know his Amazing Achievements, having been part of them. Christian started Ge with Marko Seppä & Co. after they had performed several Live Case experiments via Global Venture Lab, their rewarded platform for university-based business creation. 

Christian’s most recent creations are Ge Fundability Audit, Ge Score and Ge Quantum Leap Program.


Pekka Rissanen, Co-Founder, Non-Executive Member of the Board

Pekka Rissanen is a Business Angel and a Professional Board Member with active roles in several innovation oriented technology companies amongst different industries and sizes of companies. His experience range covers process industry, industrial manufacturing, medical supplies, wood processing technology, advertising, ICT and telecommunications.

He has 30 years of hands-on experience in building and managing companies ranging from startups to a successful IPO at the stock market. He has developed and managed Marketing, Sales, Product Management, Key Account and Logistics functions as well as worked as Business Line and Managing Director positions. He has a proven track record on creating and managing high growth, high profitability technology companies while working in global business environment with direct line responsibility over operations in 30 countries with personal client experience in more than 50. He holds an MSc in Tech and an MBA in Finance and Marketing.

Marko Seppä, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Marko Seppä helps fellow entrepreneurs with partnership strategies, business modeling, go-to-market actions and fund raising — sometimes as co-entrepreneur – and investors, enterprises and institutions by designing strategies, delivering trainingprograms and conducting evaluations.

He was apprenticed venture capitalist by the founders of Panostaja, one Finland’s oldest private equity firms. He built their pioneering VC arm (FVC) into Russia and emerged as Group Board Member. He led FVC through MBO, global fund raising, cross-border expansion, creation of Kareltrans in Russia, privatization of Mainor in Estonia and, eventually, trade sale and exit mode.

After defending PhD on the strategy logic of the venture capitalist, he served TUNI.fi as Head of eBRC (a pilot of eEurope) and JYU.fi as Professor of Growth Venture Creation. He has raised 20M€ for 70+ projects and delivered 158 publications/keynotes. He is the “Grand Father” of KasvuOpen.fi (winner of EEPA 2018), co-founder of UC Berkeley’s Global Venture Lab Network, builder of startup ecosystem in Vietnam, and Jury Member of the 3B€ EIC Accelerator Pilot.




Mika Nurmesniemi, Co-Founder, Coaching Advisor

Mika is passionate about customer value, personal growth and organizational growth. He is driven by execution of growth through transformation, performance improvement and customer experience (CX).

Mika is both an entrepreneur and someone with an entrepreneurial mindset. He was born to a 2ndgeneration family business and started his first business at the age of 10. Having thereafter established several companies and served as head of business unit and managing director, Mika has specialized in the roles of a Coach, Facilitator and Master Trainer. 

Mika´s experience around customer value driven growth and change comprises over 20 years, 100 000+ learners representing over 80 nationalities. Mika is a true believer in strategic capabilities and a leader in leadership development.


Mika Ahlfors, Co-Founder, Data Advisor

Mika Ahlfors, M.Sc. (econ), is a business development professional who has over twenty years of experience from working with leading ICT service and solution providers including latest digitalization offerings.

Mika has solid understanding of what it takes to develop customer experience with right solutions for customer relationship management, sales and business development based on business targets and utilizing recent data management and analytical solutions starting from the importance of right data.

Mika has extensive experience especially from financial services, high-tech and manufacturing industries and has received excellent feedback when it comes to energizing and coaching teams with understanding of team dynamics in different organizations. Another strength Mika has is to understand complex issues and simplifying them in the proper form depending on the target group focusing on business impact helping decision making.

Theo Seegers, Co-Founder, Project Advisor

Theo creates and facilitates learning journeys for managers and their teams to improve their performance and reach their potential in below areas:

  • Project Management
  • Personal and Team Leadership skills
  • Personal and collective Accountability
  • Conflict Management
  • Influencing Strategies
  • Collective Purpose
  • Strategic Thinking

Theo facilitates and coaches in 4 languages; French, English, German and Dutch

Help managers and individuals to perform together in their organisation; to be the preferred partner for improvement and growth of individuals and organisations

Personal Motto: Advance Together

Elena Vester, Co-Founder, Legal Advisor

Elena Vester is a senior international business executive and corporate innovation expert. Elena’s career as a commercial, policy and IPR  lawyer with tenure track in a Big 4 advisory firm, a major Scandinavian bank and a Fortune100 company, has transformed into innovation, business growth and internalization advisory.

Elena is an active early stage business expert – an active member of several European early stage investment networks, she has a portfolio of over 30 startup investments in various European countries. Elena is a Lead Investor in Rising Tide Europe, a leading cross-border investment and education program for professional women.  Since 2018 Elena is a PhD candidate at University of Helsinki researching IPR (copyright) governance & growing impact of blockchain in business transactions.

Non-Executive Partners

Raquel Benmergui, Co-Founder, Finland and Canada
As a leading graphic facilitator, Raquel provides lo-fi/hi-fi arts-based graphic facilitation.
She works in co-operation with businesses and organizations to capture ideas ranging from meaningful conversations to concrete actions maps. 
Raquel’s strength is in her ability to quickly capture information, see patterns, make meaningful connections, support collaboration and communicate a holistic picture.
She has extensive experience in visually recording talks and facilitating strategic visioning processes, conceptualisation and ideation.
Raquel is insatiably curious, a great listener, quick & easy to work with. She engages in action research on using participatory arts for intercultural learning.
She has co-authored 12 textbooks and her specialisation as an educational writer is enactive learning.
Raquel’s passion is helping groups engage in dialogue, furthering understanding and spreading joy.


Andi Roberts, Co-Founder, UK

Andi brings an eclectic range of experience to our network, he has created three start up companies, directed a large family health company and worked as an operations and sales leader in a professional services firm.

During his time as a coach, facilitator and consultant he has helped companies from diverse sectors raise performance, pivot their strategy and create new alliances.

Andi is globally the only person with the “Professional Certified Coach” and “Certified Professional Facilitator” designations.

Andi works part time for two business schools: OU Business School where he is an associate lecture in Marketing & Finance and the Berlin School of Creative Leadership as a member of the executive education faculty focused on leadership and visual consulting.

He holds a Diploma in Management, MBA, MSc Systems Thinking in Practice and Ma in Online & Distance Education. He is currently studying a BSc in Design & Innovation.


Aki Soudunsaari, Co-Founder, Finland
Dad. Health-related serial entrepreneur with a global mindset. Mission to improve your health, happiness, learning and performance. Powered by action-oriented people and doing good. An obsessive learner with a multidisciplinary background. 2 x MSc, head of school & PhD Candidate. Passionate about human behavior, teams and company culture. Raised under the Northern Lights. Nominated in Finland as EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year (2017), PWC’s Most Valuable Entrepreneur (2015) & Young Academic Entrepreneur (2014). Read my entrepreneurial story from Taivas + Helvetti 2015 book.

Yunya (Ving) Wu, Co-Founder, China
Ving Wu is a project management professional. She speaks Mandarin, French and English. Experienced in cross cultural online marketing and project management of innovative projects.
Previously she worked as a high-tech headhunter, a corporate consultant, and operational manager for a University & Government based investment management company.
She has been volunteering as study event organiser in Hundun businesses school and is capable of organising and host big events (100+ attendees) and high level business activities.
She graduated from the prestigious Zhejiang University in Hangzhou with a major in French literature. Personal interests include psychology, philosophy, arts and physics.
Always curious about how and why the world is functioning, welcoming all opportunities to make friends or help others with professionalism, enthusiasm and discretion. Has a strong need to achieve impact with her professional activities.


Angele Giuliano, Co-Founder, Malta
Angele Giuliano is a Mediterranean entrepreneur, networker and business angel with over 20 years experience.
Her passion is information technology – focusing on edtech, healthtech and digital culture. Her contacts in Southern Europe especially Malta, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Spain can help companies that want to discover those markets.
She’s strategic, fast and non-conventional, making her an ideal problem solver. Angele will not rest until she has kicked a company back in shape against all odds. Her energy and drive will inspire teams to come together and deliver, whilst her sharp wit and humour will ensure that everyone enjoys the journey towards profitability!


Klaus Sailer, Co-Founder, Germany

Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer is professor for Entrepreneurship at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and CEO of the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE).

He is a co-founder and on the board of the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie and also founder of SCE Projects. Klaus Sailer is spokesman for the think tank “Denkfabrik Gründerhochschulen” as well as a member of the expert group of HEInnovate,, an initiative of the EU commission.

Klaus Sailer holds a Ph.D. in physics from Ludwigs Maximilian University in Munich. At Infineon AG, he was responsible for project management and marketing of new semiconductor technologies.

In 2000, he co-founded a communication technologies company with three partners, which he successfully established in the market. At the same time, he was able to realize his innovative ideas further by creating various other start-ups.

His main research topics are in innovation process, business modelling, networking, co-creation and societal innovations.



Jari Ala-Ruona, Co-Founder, Finland
Jari Ala-Ruona has co-founded a dozen innovative software companies. He has raised finance, sold and acquired businesses. He has lead renewalist and socially transformative technology businesses to significant growth across several industries. Jari co-chairs Oxygen 2050 –  ”home” of  high impact entrepreneurs and investors at the forefront of a movement for a better world. His activities bridge Nordic, African and Asian software, AI and blockchain based business and services. Jari is a passionate coach for HJK – Helsinki junior soccer since 10 years.



Susan Iorns, Co-Founder, New Zealand

Susan is a seriel entrepreneur with positive and negative exits from companies based in New Zealand.  She has portfolio management experience with focus on business investments in companies of an array of sizes in a number of different jurisdictions. 

She is an active member of the New Zealand early-stage venture finance community as a founding member of Wellington New Zealand’s premier angel group, Angel HQ.  Susan is an investor through her company, Venture Lighthouse which now holds a diverse portfolio of 20 – 50 New Zealand investments.  Susan has a growing network of global contacts in the investment industry with emphasis on early and expansioin stage.

Susan has enjoyed an active involvement as a mentor and a Limited Partner in several Lightning Lab accelerator programmes.  She is lead investor in several investee companies of Angel HQ Nominee.




Giang Bui, Co-Founder, Vietnam

Entrepreneur in AT Group and Founder of Google Developer group Mekong

With 10+ years’ experience in VN market and Master degree in Marketing, a can do attitude and a strategic thinking mindset; she doesn’t merely help companies to build a plan, but also to implement the plan that help strategically transform those companies to a greater scale.

Beside networking and matching for companies on a global scale, she is an owner CEO to help client in implementing integrated Tech-enable Business model.

Personally, she believes that Listening and respecting mutual interest can initiate a long-lasting partnership.

Lesley Hetherington, Co-Founder, UK

With over 25 years in enterprise eduction and mentoring, Lesley brings an extensive portfolio of practical tools, frameworks and skills ‘hacks’ to support the clarity and growth of the top team and hence stabilise the foundations of any venture for solid, sustainable growth.

Her speciality lies in working with the senior team in technology based companies, bringing the human resources and value proposition align with both the technology and the people in the business.

She is a BioChemical Engineer, currently runs her own mentoring business and is adjunct member of faculty at the University of Glasgow and mentor at the Judge Business School, Cambridge.


Takeru Ohe, Co-Founder, Japan

Dr. Ohe has vast experience as a consultant for companies competing in the high-tech industries of the United States, Europe and Japan.  He founded T. Ohe & Associates, Inc. in 1976 to assist companies in building better businesses in Japan.

Dr. Ohe is the chairman of The Association of ASEAN Japan Entrepreneurship Education. He currently sits on the boards of Cognex Japan K.K., and Consulting Oasis K.K., a Tokyo-based consulting firm specializing in innovation management, to large companies including Panasonic, NTT, Olympus, Seiko Epson, Shiseido. Daiwa House and Ajinomoto.

Dr. Ohe taught at Waseda University’s MBA program and also was Director of Waseda’s Incubation Center. Currently he is a specially invited professor at International University of Japan and also is an advisor to Waseda University, Research Promotion Division.

Dr. Ohe has a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics from the University of Maryland and an M.B.A. from Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

Sujay Santra, Co-Founder, India

After having worked in leading MNCs for over 12 years, Sujay started iKure with the vision to provide quality healthcare which is affordable and accessible, up to the last mile using technology intervention. Within just 8 years of its journey iKure is catering to 7.5 million underserved people & treated 850k patients, across six states in India.

Sujay Santra is changing the current healthcare paradigm of doctors merely treating illnesses, to one where doctors, local NGOs, local businesses and academia work together to identify endemic health issues in communities and design holistic disease prevention solutions, including sanitation, hygiene and nutritional components, that end the disease from its root cause.

Using the evidence based evaluation metrics of improved health parameters of the communities through this model, Sujay is lobbying to change national health policies to make holistic healthcare solutions that treat the root cause of diseases, rather than just treat individual illnesses by medicine or surgery, the accepted paradigm of healthcare in India.

With a strong technology & business skills backed with his never-say-die spirit, Sujay has led iKure to many milestones.Today iKure is recognised as one of the very few successful sustainable primary healthcare model in the world.In recognition to his outstanding efforts in the field of social innovation, he was awarded the Ashoka Fellowship in 2016 & received the appreciation from President of India.

Lam The, Co-Founder, Vietnam

Lam The had a MBA degree and had an experience more than 15 years to export Vietnam fruits to EU and USA market from 2003 under GlobalGap standard .

He is an expert in food supply chain management in Vietnam. He is also a Manager of Project Division at Association of Food Transparency in Vietnam. He has a group of 23 companies working in Agricultural sector with different positions from farm to table. He has a dream to build up a great team that they can supply Vietnam good foodstuffs to kitchens in the  world.


Keith Wyness, Co-Founder, UK
Keith Wyness has been CEO at Aberdeen,Everton and recently Aston Villa Football clubs. He has also advised countries on restructuring of football from grassroots to elite level.

Before joining the football industry in 2000 he was responsible for the domestic marketing of the very successful Sydney 2000 Olympic games. He has been involved in the development and launch of new sporting concepts in golf and cricket.

He was also worked on the  founding of a luxury cruise line which featured the worlds first twin hull cruise ship in conjunction with Radisson hotels. He was the youngest Vice president in British Airways history working on the marketing of the Concorde project and starting the British Airways executive club.

He studied Industrial economics at Nottingham University and appeared on their University Challenge team.



Kery Boucher, Co-Founder, South Africa

Kery is an experienced finance professional and has over 20 years commercial experience, much of it in the financial services industry (Retail and Corporate banking and asset finance).

She is also the owner and founding partner of Think Sustainability, a boutique consultancy, specializing in sustainability consulting, reporting and assurance. She also consults in financial management in assisting new businesses obtain financing and supporting them on their financial sustainability journey.

In addition she facilitates on a part time basis for leading business schools in Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Mauritius) on the topics of financial management, sustainable competitiveness and corporate governance and ethics with regard to management development programmes.

She has additional post-graduate qualifications in business management and taxation.


She is passionate about assisting businesses to create sustainable value in the new economy. Financial modelling, strength of forecasts, ability to manager and interpret the numbers in creating the story of the business are key for financial sustainability.




Oksana Buto, Co-Founder, Lithuania

Combination of Oksana’s established project management skills, deal experience, intuition and ability to communicate and motivate people at all levels brings projects to completion and success

-Experienced senior investment banker with over 20 years of proven transaction execution and client coverage track record

-Advised global top tier clients, mainly in TMT sector, for a total deal size of c.285bn in equity/debt raising and M&A, among them transactions being the first in the market such as IPOs in Russia’s telecoms, rights issue of France Telecom, financing in the cable and energy sectors

-Recent experience includes building a successful charity organization from a startup stage

-Recognised skills in improving corporate governance/business processes and managing the transition during M&A

-Passionate about establishing and deploying corporate social responsibility frameworks and policies

-Graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge (UK) and Vilnius University (Lithuania)

Jaco Jansen, Co-Founder, the Netherlands

“Creating a firestorm of fresh thinking and building a structural framework for higher levels of performance.”

Jaco Jansen is entrepreneur, interim manager, facilitator, trainer, business coach, digital pioneer, husband, father and sailing instructor who inspires and empowers you to create sustainable (new) business that your customers will love, igniting real results for your business.


Automotive | IT | Education | Healthcare | NGO

Sweet spot: small and medium enterprises


  • MBA Sales & Marketing
  • Accountability Master
  • NLP practitioner
  • System Thinking (Peter Senge)


  • Business Transformation
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • High Performance Culture


Anh Tran, Co-Founder, Germany/Vietnam

Dr. Phuong Anh Tran is a Post-doc and Research Associate for Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation Management at University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany (UniKO-LD) which is the only one of 22 entrepreneurial universities, out of more than 500 higher education institutions in Germany. At the same time, she is a Lecturer for Informatics Economics & Business at National Economics University which belongs to one of the top universities in economics and management in Vietnam.


Dr. Phuong Anh Tran holds her Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship from University of Koblenz-Landau in Koblenz. She is head of Internationalization Team, Region South-East Asia at the Zentral Institute for Scientific Entrepreneurship & International Transfer (ZiFET), UniKO-LD. She is an initiative of the joint entrepreneurial ecosystem between Koblenz, Germany and Vietnam. She is also working for the Working Group for Managing Information, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Organization (MI2EO).


Dr. Phuong Anh Tran is also an expert in Entrepreneurial Design Thinking which is a powerful tool for creating strategic and innovative multidisciplinary entrepreneurial actions, connecting entrepreneurial concepts, methods, and thinking to solve entrepreneurial problems and challenges. Furthermore, she works as a consultancy for ideating and creating business-model for start-ups.

Frank Brilman, Co-Founder, the Netherlands

Organizations, teams and leaders who really must change their execution behavior patterns to achieve their desired outcome, know me as a trusted advisor, a confrontating coach and energizing trainer.

Very result oriented with the human touch always uncomfortable but safe.   I  help to change habits fast, to coop with non negotiable change, and I help individuals and teams to learn what they need to know, to do and to want,  to achieve results.  Learning how to learn fast is my expertise and passion.   

My experience is with non profit and for profit organizations, with experienced and with young people. Everyone who needs to learn and change, and is hold back by fear, limited beliefs or old habits, I love to help. 

Oh… and energy follows focus. So to have fun together, especially when the going gets though, is part of the game. 


Roman Wong, Co-Founder, USA

Dr. Roman Wong is a professor in the areas of information systems and operations management at the Andreas School of Business of Barry University.  He received his PhD in information systems from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Before joining Barry University, Dr. Wong held a faculty position at the California State University at Northridge.


His current research interests include the interrelations between the online review and product adoption processes, and the development of innovativeness in emerging countries.  Dr. Wong’s work has been published in major academic outlets such as Decision Sciences, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, and Journal of Applied Case Research.


Dr. Wong is actively affiliated with a number of international academic functions.  He  regularly speaks and presents at numerous international conferences and seminars.  Dr. Wong also maintains a strong tie with the local and overseas business communities.  He serves as advisor and consultant for several significant enterprises in south Florida and overseas. 



Jari Kaitera, Co-Founder, Finland

Jari is a serial software entrepreneur and Founder of TWID. Jari has 20 years of experience in several international B2B software companies. He has held C-level positions in companies like QPR Software, Finantix and Trackway (Stora Enso company).

He has gathered essential know-how in the management of growth companies, raising funding and exits. He is a M.Sc. of Business and Economy.


Shlomit Kenigsberg, Co-Founder, Canada

Shlomit is a scientist*, an entrepreneur and a personal motivator.  She obtained her Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences in the molecular biology field, together with a Master’s in business administrations (MBA) from Ben-Gurion University in Israel. She has a vast experience working both in the Academia and the Biotech industry in various roles in sales, marketing and business development. Moving to Canada over 12 years go, she transitioned her focus from research to scientific entrepreneurship, establishing in-vitro fertilization (IVF) private research institute and translational research laboratory in reproductive medicine. She has initiated and presented her research at many national and international professional meetings, and today she keeps on consulting in the biomedical field and serves as the business development officer for Juno Fertility Clinics (Canada). 

After many years in the scientific world, she decided to add one more niche to her portfolio and chose a new path as a coach and people’s motivator.  She is the founder and ownerof ATIVE-inspiring**, the company provides personal and professional transformation experiences through unique interactive workshops were participants practice new skills for collaboration, intra- and entre-preneurial creative thinking, and together discovering new ways for business and personal growth and development.

*An experienced scientist with broad knowledge of Extracellular Vesicles (exosomes) liquid biopsies, Biobanking, Stem-cells technologies. Extensive research on ovarian physiology, infertility biomarkers and stem-cells. Vast experience in molecular and cellular biology, laboratory techniques and research management as well as bioinformatics and big data analysis.

**Certified practitioner and facilitator of FreshBiz™, MindPlayTM, and Point-of-YouTM workshops and techniques.




Mark Harris, Co-Founder, Germany
Prof. Dr. Mark Harris is an experienced executive with over 35 years of leadership experience in the high-tech industry and in entrepreneurship.
Prof. Harris retired from Intel to follow his passion in entrepreneurship, new venture creation and innovation management and is focussed on his key attributes of creativity, innovation and break-through approaches to achieve the goals. 
Prof. Harris holds Master Degrees in Computer Science and Economics from the Technical University in Munich. He also holds several Adjunct Professorships in Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management in Europe, holds several Dr. honoris cause titles, is also an expert for the Executive MBA Program at the Technical University of Munich, is a Senior Fellow at the International Entrepreneurship Academy Intentac, drives the digital transformation of innovation management and processes into corporations,  and sits on advisory boards of collaborating or invested companies. 


Ricardo Lillo, Co-Founder, Germany

Ricardo is dedicated to one goal: helping organizations around the world achieve measurable and sustainable results. As CEO of DOOR International, one of the leading training & consulting companies in the world, he is passionate about enabling leaders, teams and organizations to improve their performance and effectiveness. He is known as an industry expert, innovative thinker, and vital partner in helping executives, teams, and organizations achieve unprecedented performance.

Ricardo works with CEOs and their teams in company-wide, multi-year processes focused on developing accountability skills to achieve unprecedented results, at the most notable global organizations. In fact, he has successfully assisted organizations throughout the world to achieve their key results by helping them shape and transform their culture. One of Ricardo ́s major skill is the ability to meet the unique challenges of every client to build high- performing teams and install a culture of accountability.

He is proud of being able to work on all different layers of organizations, ensuring sustainable growth and success. He has led large scale, multi-year transformation projects with Fortune 1000 clients across numerous global industries, with extensive experience in automotive, pharma and telecommunications. His major clients now range from Abbott, IBM, Microsoft, Unilever, Ford, Merck and the Asian Development Bank. Johnson & Johnson, Bayer among many others. While considered a world-class facilitator and keynote speaker, Ricardo ́s consulting and integration experience positions him as a long-term partner. In 2002, Ricardo successfully achieved the management buyout of the DOOR global franchise business, tripled its growth and profitability and led the DOOR network to new heights.


Tom Venning, Co-Founder, Austria
I am a business consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach specialized in B2B Sales and Leadership.
I have over 20 years’ experience, working internationally with clients such as IBM, Astellas, Henkel, BASF, Kuehn+Nagel, etc. covering IT, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, petrochemicals, industrial machinery, logistics etc.
This business, cultural and life experience developed by living in eight countries and traveling extensively across five continents and sailing four oceans.
My working style is visual, energetic, and entertaining. My strength lies in helping teams understand complex systems, act at the point of maximum leverage, and create long-term, sustainable change.
Outside of business I am a dedicated family man, an artist, active in sport, a sailor and always ready for travel and adventure.

Ronen Gafni, Co-Founder, Israel
Ronen Gafni is a serial entrepreneur who grew up in the StartUp Nation of Israel trading on the stock market, operating a branding company, training companies, and more.
He is the creator and founder of FreshBiz, and the FreshBiz game developer as well. Ronen co-authored “The New Entrepreneurz” and is a visionary global trainer.
Ronen is a TEDx speaker, has been featured on TV, radio, and magazines talking about the future of business, and he has trained over 15,000 people across 20 countries on innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. As a keynote speaker and futurist, Ronen masterfully weaves together new approaches to business, education, design, and lifestyle.



Darius Lomsargis, Co-Founder, Lithuania
I am a facilitator of EnterTraining programs, certified FreshBiz moderator, mentor, entrepreneur, representative of international teambuilding network Catalyst Global in the Baltic States, co-owner of agency ŪPAS Events. Over 25 years I have been working in Event Management, EnterTraining, Team Development, Sales and Marketing.     
Areas of expertise: 
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Employee training and motivation
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Business development
  • Marketing and sales strategies


Jennifer Kutvonen, Co-Founder, Finland and Kenya

Skills and cultural understanding are key to survival. The one who can solve the the basic physiological needs within the emerging markets, will have won the social impact lottery. I am on that path and the correct numbers will be measured by the provision of financial inclusion, education, housing, health and wellbeing. My duty as one fortunate winner is to make provision for the success of others through global enabler. I am a doer, educator, facilitator for those willing to make the global enabling journey to emerging markets.

I own a couple of companies in Kenya and Finland and act as an advisor in others. I provide consultation by banking on my vast market knowledge in emerging markets within the fields of ICT and education, and I facilitate business partnerships between Finland and Kenya.



Jukka "Jups" Heikkilä, Co-Founder, Finland

Jukka ’Jups’ Heikkilä is Professor of Information Systems Science at Turku School of Economics of the University of Turku.  Jups recent research interests are in networked business modelling, business modelling innovation methods (such as https://businessmakeover.eu/background) and lean enterprise architecting. He’s been working with industries and public sector for decades in dozens of R&D&I -projects in Finland and overseas.




Kari Mattila, Co-Founder, Finland
They called me and said “we want you to come to help us, because you really challenge us”.

Transformation of organizations through individual thinking, that’s what Kari brings to you. Building bridges and new solution between science and business. Kari helps you to clean windows of traditional ways of doing, so that everyone gets to see opportunities.
Kari has a wide educational background connecting engineering (M.Sc.) with pedagogy and gamification. International work and customer history covering 5 continents and all main legal businesses. For more, check LinkedIn “kariimattila”
Learning is the key to every strategy implementation. For successful learning Kari has created BfEAL® (Board for Emotions Activating Learning) – system. This high-quality system has proven its efficiency in public and private organisations on multiple continents. BfEAL® has been audited by specialist and gained one of the highest marks in the history. BfEAL® has also given special nomination for it functionality by Kunteko.
If there is a will, there is a way – will is something Kari is heavily interested in. He is very strong and experienced in Emotional Intelligence systems. How to truly learn about ourselves and through that how to lead others. Kari connects the business development (ie. Steve Blank model) with operational cycles (Deming real circle) whit the most important asset of every organization, peoples mind. Business results have proven, that Kari has the way to deliver!
3 of the educational institutes Kari has worked with, have won National Board of Education quality award.
As the CEO of Johtajuustaito.fi Oy Kari currently helps customers in Finland, China, Brazil, Russia and Pakistan


Leni Kuivaniemi, Co-Founder, Finland
Leni enjoys working with high competence teams dedicated to make a change in the world by creating growth ventures for problems worth solving. At the moment Leni runs Nordic Medicine and Wellness Oy that helps to promote medicine competence in health care organizations and thus save lives of of medicine users around the world. She is also co-founder Synergy Partners Finland and works there as a coach for pharmacies.
Previously Leni has worked as an assistant professor at Global Venture Lab.

Anamaria Magri Pantea, Co-Founder, Malta

An economist with specialisation in finance and an MBA alumni of the Edinburgh Business School UK, Anamaria has over 18 years of experience in innovation management, entrepreneurship and business development initiatives, projects structuring and funding sourcing, their management, monitoring or evaluation, in both private and public, as well as Public-Private- Partnerships contexts.

She also has extensive expertise in EU funding and impact financing. Anamaria has been working with the European Commission as staff member of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, as Malta National Contact Point and Management Committee representative forthe EU’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme for SMEs (covering ICT and energy sectors), as well as an independent expert on a number of EU and national support programmes.

As a Romanian national, living in Malta and working across Europe and beyond, Anamaria is a strong believer in the harnessing of diverse competences, experiences and cultures for a truly sustainable development of our global community.

Mitro Kivinen, Co-Founder, Finland
Mitro Kivinen, MBA, MSc (econ), is a professional executive who has over twenty-five years of leading experience.
He practices handcrafted leadership. Mr. Kivinen specializes in companies in the 2^nd phase of the S-curve, where effective execution of a strategy calls for professional management. Professional management includes implementing strong set of KPI’s and empowering people.
Most of his career, Mr. Kivinen has been working with Platform based technologies and businesses, where management needs to be lean and agile and based on servant leadership.



YanJun LI, Co-Founder, China

YanJun holds a dual master degree in Marketing and Human Resources Management from University of Queensland, specialized in cross-cultural management and communication. He has over 10 years’ experience in practicing innovative education solutions in China. His interest and specialty lie in researching and introducing new ways to solve current education problems in China.

YanJun is an experienced entrepreneur and educator. For the past 8 years, He has been running his own school, which aim to provide students and educate families with innovative educational programs and pedagogy. Great cultural sensitivity makes him an excellent communicator in leading a cross-cultural team to accomplish various organizational goal.

Areas of expertise: 

  • 10 years’ experience in international education field;  
  • Hands on experience in implementing international education program in China;
  • Rich experience in cross-cultural communication and management;
  • Cultural understanding of Chinese business environment;
  • Leadership in cross-cultural context;
  • Languages: English-excellent, Chinese-native speaker;




Malcolm Smith, Co-Founder, Canada

Dr. Smith is a professor in the Department of Marketing in the I.H. Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada.  He teaches courses in Fundamentals of Marketing, Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research at the undergraduate and graduate level. The focus of his research is marketing to older adults, and in particular, age-related differences in memory for advertising. His research has been presented at numerous national and international conferences, and published in various texts and such journals as the Journal of Marketing,Journals of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, Journal of Business Research, Psychology and Marketing, andJournal of Tourism Research. He has been a visiting professor at the L’viv Institute of Management (Ukraine), the University of Oregon (USA), and at Thammasat University (Bangkok, Thailand). In the past, Dr. Smith held positions as the Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Research Program), Department Head, and Director of the International Student Exchange Program.

Dr. Smith received his B.Sc. (Hons.) and MBA from Queen’s University (Kingston, ON, Canada) and his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon (USA)



Tülin Kahvecioğlu, Co-Founder, Turkey
Founder, Senior Executive and Leader Coach, Mentor Coach,Trainer,Facilitator, Writer


She graduated from Ankara University Education Management and Planning. Since 2005 she has been working as a coach and trainer. She completed the training models of Erickson College, Science and Art of Coaching and CRR (ORSC) Relationship Systems Coaching.


She has over 5000 hours of experience at the master coach level. She’s a mentor coach. She keeps her knowledge in the leadership and coaching area up-to-date through the international relationships she is involved with.

Between the years of 2007-2015 she took place as founder and licensor of Inside Out International coaching company’s Turkey branch. She is experienced in the intelligence and gender dimensions of leadership. She completed the Neuro Leadership training at the American-based Neuro Leadership Institute and also Cinergy, Dispute Management Coaching training at the Canada based Noble Solutions Inc.

Her works are based on science, knowledge and intuition, development through the Far East and India philosophies, esoteric studies for understanding human and creation. She works by melting body, soul, heart and mind in the same pot.