What benefits do you gain?

We help owners of High-Impact Potential Solutions
to realize maximal global market value

Think of us as “One Multitalented Co-Entrepreneur” whom you can have on your side.

You can acquire the capacities and resources you
need towards equity – completely without cash payments – or a
smart combination of cost sharing, success fees and equity.

We help you transform and boost your organization for growth

Think of us as “One Big Do-Tank” who gets things done for you.

We help owners and management of ambitious enterprises to:
– Understand disruption in your company’s context
– Define your growth potential and investment-readiness
– Transform your organization to more entrepreneurial, digital, innovative, customer-oriented
– Build your distribution and sales in target markets
– Refine your value chain from raw material supply to distribution to end-user

Working with you or for you, we can help you design and execute growth strategies and go-to-market plans for your high-impact potential solution.

– We sharpen offerings, transform organisations, and establish the partnerships required to win customers in target markets.

You can have someone who also creates and executes with you, not just advises.

Someone who is your co-entrepreneur for the long-term, rather than just one-time assignment.

Someone who shares the responsibilities related to big decisions and the risks related to making wrong ones.

How do we get this done?

We have solutions, services and programs ranging from a 2h Growth Potential Evaluation Workshop to a year-long Quantum Leap Program.