How do we get it done?

Thanks to our nature as a digital platform, we can serve Founders and Financiers across all sectors, borders and technologies – from local teams to multinational organizations.

Our approach is to always pool an optimal composition of partners for each unique customer situation from the individual and corporate partners in our expanding global community.

Our digital service solutions build on tested and proven diagnostics approach to identifying “Hippos”, and measuring, improving and communicating their investment-readiness.

1. We help you Diagnose:

Like a doctor, one must diagnose before designing corrective actions. Our evidence-based, tested and proven digital tools turn data into knowledge: Lists of shortcomings, recommendations and action points.

Hippo Meter:

To identify a potential unicorn

2. We help you Design:

Our validation and evidence services yield a formal Hippo Index. This is a case-specific rating of investment-readiness of a potential unicorn and extends to recommendations for uploading of evidence and proposals for milestones.

Hippo Index:

To validate investment-readiness

3. We help you Deploy:

Trackable performance, building of digital evidence trail and accumulating DD-readiness lead to an improved Hippo Index and elevation in Hippo Radar. Improved Hippo Index enables to raise the growth funding one needs.

Hippo QL:

To raise the growth funding

Our Business Creation Framework





Our approach to business creation draws from 20 years of action research, experiments and pilots.

The framework is evidence-based, tested and proven.

Our framework gears around 7 critical elements, or 6+1, as Ownership is the element integrating the following six elements into winning formula.

1. Opportunity:

Deals with the size and growth rate and the level of pain and demand in your market

2. Scalability:

Deals with what is required by the market and competition to best satisfy the demand

3. Defensibility:

Deals with what can be done to protect the solution and secure the value chain

4. Capability:

Deals with the requirements for the organization to produce and deliver the solution

5. Profitability:

Deals with your resource base, requirements, earning power, revenue logic and projections

6. Market Entry:

Deals with branding and go-to-market milestones to maximally realize the opportunity

Who gets this done for you?

We help you get things done.

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