“Our world is an Amazing Place.

Yet many things are getting worse.

We need Amazing Actions. Now. “

Christian Aspegren, Co-Founder & Chairman of Global Enabler

The mission of Global Enabler is

“to help good people build great companies”

Our ambitious vision is to engage 10,000 co-entrepreneurs

1,000 venture teams and 100 enabler organizations

to co-creating 10 great companies and

1 “unicorn foundation” by 2031.

Our Story

Live Case Experiments

We build on several complimentary track records, shared discoveries and values, and a crystal clear mission. Our pilot mode has followed a decade of 20M€ worth university experiments on how to create business in the Digital Era. We aim at a global market launch of a scalable offering in 2019.

During eBRC, a local pilot of EU’s eEurope program, we learned that “venture knowledgists” – no longer venture capitalists – would be the key enablers in the 21st century. During the Global Venture Lab experiment, which followed, we were able to create, test and prove a number of disruptive business creation methods with colleagues from IIT Kharagpur and UC Berkeley.

Our core merit was to “crack the code” of business creation competence. We discovered this to be a very specific form of human capital, which can only be formed or applied in an “owner-managerial” entrepreneurial mode. By definition, founders could not gain this substance from financiers. We had learned by doing that founders could only increase business creation competence, and thereby fundability, by inviting the right professionals as co-entrepreneurs. Easier said than done.

Call for Disruption

To our frustration, entrepreneurs were still wasting time to seeking investors prematurely and – conversely – investors to evaluating premature offerings. The orientation had not shifted to customers and the problems being solved, and the competences and resources needed to solve them. We realized that something fundamentally disruptive was required between founders and financiers.

Global Enabler was established to fundamentally change the way by which we create high-impact companies, globally. We started by disrupting the venture competition format in Finland. We successfully replaced an out-dated nation-wide “beauty contest” with a process where the jury participates in business creation with the participants (KasvuOpen.fi).

Pilot Stage Actions

Design and launch of Kasvu Open was literally the first order of business for Global Enabler. The feedback on the competition format, our Runway-to-Growth method, and the R2G events organized in Silicon Valley, by the participants, were critically important proof of concept. Our community’s first venture baby, Naava.io, emerged from the first season of Kasvu Open and has by now grown to a 30MEUR valuation. Our algorithms for growth were proven and laid ground to introduce G Score.

More recently, helping IPP.vn boost the startup ecosystem in Vietnam has enabled us to test and prove new G approaches and methods on a national ecosystem level. Finally, discussions with DOORtraining.com and the integration of Corporate Transformation Services into G activities brought to us “the missing link” – the capacity to serve Enabler Organizations – and completed the G offering.

Getting Started

Combined, we’ve introduced disruptive products and companies to world markets. We’ve coached major corporations through transformation to growth. We’ve trained business creators and orchestrated business creation activities at ecosystem level. We have done what’s needed to get us started, but nothing compared to what You and us, as fellow G Partners, will do together.

In 2019, we’ll be are eager to welcome You as our fellow Co-Founder to see how the story continues.