Digital tools to measure and screen startups



Digital tools to measure and screen startups


Your Enabler


Your Enabler


When you want to raise growth financing


When you want to enable fund raising


When you want to screen startups for funding 

We have the tools You need!

HippoMeter: To measure your startup

HippoRadar: To screen startups for funding

Global Enabler (“Ge”) is a new breed business creation company, developer and provider of game-changing methods and instruments to improve the efficiency of growth financing. Our new fintech tools help evaluate and prepare promising startups for growth funding and support.

Ge is backed by a diverse global community of individual professionals, investors and enterprises who want “to help Good People build Great Companies”. We approach startups as High Impact & Profit Potential Opportunities, “Hippos”. Key to every Founder Team is figuring out What All and Who All are required to grow their Hippo to targeted market acceptance. 

The best Hippos are truly disruptive and all enterprises, large and small, should aim at becoming Hippo Companies. To learn if you have a Hippo, if there are Hippos in your deal flow, or if you want to support the Hippos in your portfolio, we have the tools for You.

What benefits do you gain?

Who are we?

Why do we exist?


“There are only three types of organizations: Those who disrupt, those who enable disruption, and those who have to adapt to disruption.”

Christian Aspegren, The First Hippo Whisperer, Co-Founder of Global Enabler