Invest two hours and you’ll have new powers for growth!



Invest two hours and you’ll have new powers for growth!






To measure your scaleup readiness


To diagnose and rate 35 key strategic assets


To define your growth resource needs 

From startup to scaleup!

HippoMeter: Want to learn more?

Knowledge is power and HippoMeter creates it instantly. HippoMeter is an automated and digitised tool based on a rigorous, tested and proven algorithm. HippoMeter equips individual team members themselves as responsible evaluators of their own business. It enables the creation of reliable intelligence and a fast track to Due Diligence for scaleup funding and support.

HippoMeter saves time and money for both Founders and Financiers.

HippoMeter can be used systematically or just one time only. It creates stand-alone value but can also be used alongside all other tools, approaches, and systems. HippoMeter enables founders to effectively engage their own choice of advisors, accelerators, and other enablers – and vice versa. 

HippoMeter is designed to improve the scaleup readiness of High-Impact-and-Profit-Potential-Opportunity or “Hippo” companies. The greatest Hippos solve big global problems and the best ones emerge into Unicorns. If your team wants to scale up faster, HippoMeter will help you.

HippoMeter is cost-efficient, reliable, fast, safe, and easy-to-use.

Who are we?

Why do we exist?


“There are only three types of organizations: Those who disrupt, those who enable disruption, and those who have to adapt to disruption.”

Christian Aspegren, The First Hippo Whisperer, Co-Founder of Global Enabler